Rabu, 28 Juli 2010

Free Emoticons for Facebook

Use Emoticons or Funny Emoticons Facebook, so that your conversation with old friends become increasingly attractive. And you can also use Facebook Chat Code, and you can use and display the Emotion on IM. All emoticons of various versions, such as the asian version, funny, cool your Facebook Beautiful Emoticons. In accession to text-based IM, Facebook Chat's simple, web-based IM applicant additionally offers users a library of beautiful emoticons to advice allotment your emotions. To actualize any of these emoticons, locate the symbols on your keyboard and access them in the argument acreage of your Facebook Chat IM window. Remember, some symbols will crave hitting the SHIFT key. Want added Facebook Chat emoticons? Get dozens of free, bright new Facebook emoticons with Firefox.

Free Facebook Emoticons

Facebook Chat Emoticons

:) - happy

:( - sad

:P - tongue

:D - grin

:O - gasp

;) - wink

8) - glasses

B) - sunglasses

:3 - cute/cat-like

>:( - grumpy

:/ - unsure

:’( - cry

3:) - devil

O:) - angel

:-* - kiss

^_^ - “kiki”

-_- - squint

O.o - confused

>:O - upset

<3 - heart

:v - Pacman

:|] - robot

:putnam: - Chris Putnam (Facebook Engineer)

(^^^) - Shark

<(") - Penguin

Minggu, 31 Januari 2010

Free Love Valentine Facebook Cursors

Free Cursor and Animated cursors for Facebook at Valentine's Day. This is a free cursor for facebook and all social networking. Like friendster, myspace and twitter also orkut and hi5. Copy This Funny Love Valentine Cursor to your profile and Page Profile.

Cute animated heart cursors that change to a rainbow of different colors. Would work great with any Valentine or Romantic theme. A cute cuddly white bear holding an i love you sign, great for valentines, enjoy.

Valentine Cursor

Animated Cursor, Animation, Funny and Cool Cursor.

valentine Cursors

Kamis, 29 Oktober 2009

Facebook Cursors

Free Cursor and Pointer for your profile facebook or facebook profile. Make your profile become beautiful and Cool with this animation cursor and pinter for facebook. This is a facebook apps and Application.
Funny Cursor
How to use Facebook Cursor

To install, extract all of the files within the ZIP, right-click on the INI file, click "Install", open the Control Panel, and find the Mouse Properties dialog. From there, click on the "Pointers" tab and click on the drop-down menu to find a theme called "Facebook Cursors" on the list. Click it and click okay. Oh, and let me know if you need further assistance.

Hey, all! The cursors didn't end up exactly the way I wanted it, but I think they look pretty good. Every single one of them were made from scratch, not just a recolor of one of my previous sets, though some of the design philosophies are similar.

Boy, creating that loading animation was a pain! I had to take each frame from the little loading GIF you see in certain parts of Facebook, resize every frame to the appropriate dimensions, then go through a roughly 30 minute process of adding transparency to them. Gah.

By the way, the preview was kinda fun to make the preview image. I just typed the text, added a little hidden message (it's in Braille), and used a few of the colors in my color palette with the rectangle tool to make a very Facebook-like image.

By the way, every single color I put into these cursors were directly from Facebook via ColorZilla plugin for Firefox.

Sabtu, 10 Oktober 2009

Funny Facebook Cursor

Copy and paste the code below any of these Free Disney Cursors anywhere in your MySpace, Facebook, Friendster or Hi5 profile, blog or website.

Animals Cursors

Cursor Code :

animated cursor can also be used on your facebook profile and facebook anda.Dengan facebook facebook cursor makes you more funny and cool.

Wouldn't you love to use our cursors on facebook? I would...but I don't know how O_O There's no way to change CSS on facebook I don't know. I believe you need to make an application for facebook to change the styles on the page.

If anyone wants to work for us for 5 dollars an hour, send me an e-mail =D Seriously we poor. If you think you can develope a facebook cursor application send us an e-mail for reals =D

Or if there is already a facebook application that already works for changing cursors, we can help promote =D Send us an e-mail. For now, facebook cursors does not exist anywhere on the web. The one that you get when searching is a scam.

edit cursor display on your profile and even on your computer.

Sports Cursors